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Motors and transformers can cause heavy inductive loads on the power supply to a business. Power Factor Correction (PFC) is used to correct the effect of these induction loads. As a result, electricity costs are improved or reduced. Power Factor is one in a range of measurements that can affect low voltage demand tariffs.

Power Factor Correction

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Our experienced industrial electricians offer these power factor correction services:

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The PFC unit is made up of large high powered capacitors which counter the effect of the highly inductive load. PFC units also include Harmonic Filters.

PFC reduces the overall load on the supply and has the additional effect of reducing heat loads in switchboards and voltage drops on mains cables.

Electro Systems provide an onsite audit to calculate savings on tariff charges.

A payback figure is determined to show how quickly the savings you generate from your PFC unit will pay for your investment and will also highlight your ongoing savings.

Benefits of power correction

There are numerous benefits to Power Factor Correction (PFC). These benefits range from reduced demand charges on your power system to increased load carrying capabilities in your existing circuits and overall reduced power system loses. The most important benefit for most businesses is the cost savings. PFC will reduce electricity demand and result in lower electricity bills. There are also environmental benefits associated with Power Factor Correction, as the business is placing a lower demand on the electricity grid reducing their carbon footprint.

  1. Significant annual cost savings in reducing the charges on electricity bills
    Improving the power factor through a power factor correction unit will lower the demand charge resulting in reduced electricity bills. This will be on-going savings for the life of the equipment.
  2. Short payback period
    You will have a short payback period – usually 1-3 years
  3. Meet your legal obligations
    By complying with the Australian Standards and Electricity Distribution Code (EDC) you will ensure you satisfy your network provider’s requirements for supply of electricity.
  4. Reduce the strain
    Reduce the strain on the network providers’ supply system and help avoid any “blackouts” in your area.
  5. Free up spare capacity
    Free up spare capacity on your transformer and main switchboard and reduce the total power required by the site. This provides you with spare capacity for future load growth without the need to upgrade the infrastructure.
  6. Reduce the supply system losses
    You will reduce the supply system losses (12R losses) in cables, transformers and switchboards ensuring longer life from the installation.
  7. More stability
    The installation will have a more stable and improved voltage regulation ensuring motors and plant operate at maximum efficiency.
  8. Reduce harmful system harmonics
    The installation will have reduced existing harmful system harmonics and therefore reduced the occurrence of power quality related equipment problems.
  9. Increased load carrying capabilities in existing circuits
    Loads drawing reactive power also demand reactive current. Installing power factor correction capacitors at the end of existing circuits near the inductive loads reduces the current carried by each circuit. The reduction in current flow resulting from improved power factor may allow the circuit to carry new loads, saving the cost of upgrading the distribution network when extra capacity is required for additional machinery or equipment, saving your company thousands of dollars in unnecessary upgrade costs. In addition, the reduced current flow reduces resistive losses in the circuit.
  10. Improved voltage
    A lower power factor causes a higher current flow for a given load. As the line current increases, the voltage drop in the conductor increases, which may result in a lower voltage at the equipment. With an improved power factor, the voltage drop in the conductor is reduced, improving the voltage at the equipment.
  11. Reduced power system losses
    Although the financial return from conductor loss reduction alone is seldom sufficient to justify the installation of capacitors, it is sometimes an attractive additional benefit; especially in older plants with long feeders or in field pumping operations. System conductor losses are proportional to the current squared and, since the current is reduced in direct proportion to the power factor improvement, the losses are inversely proportional to the square of the power factor.
  12. Reduce the flickering effect in computer screens
    Reduce the flickering effect in computer screens that is normally associated with voltage drops in the neutral conductor.
  13. Reduce temperatures
    Reduce temperatures in transformers, motors and generators due to eddy currents.
  14. Reduce nuisance tripping
    Reduce nuisance tripping of electronic circuit breakers through the overloading of cables and the ‘skin effect”.
  15. Minimise the pollution
    Minimise the pollution of an otherwise 'clean' network in your neighborhood by suppressing the harmonic content in the supply.
  16. Minimise the greenhouse gas emission (CO2)
    Help to minimise the greenhouse gas emission (CO2) by reducing the amount of natural resources required to be processed for producing useful electricity.
  17. Reduce carbon footprint
    By reducing your power system’s demand charge through power factor correction, your business is placing less strain on the electricity grid, therefore reducing its carbon footprint. Over time, this lowered demand on the electricity grid can account for hundreds of tons of reduced carbon production, all thanks to the improvement of your power system’s electrical efficiency via power factor correction.

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