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Increasing the energy efficiency of the electrical equipment in your business can result in significant power cost savings. Our industrial electrical team can carry out a comprehensive electrical review, recommend upgrades such as variable speed drives and energy optimising soft starters, as well as installing and maintaining these components.

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Electro Systems' electricians are experts at saving you power. Let our team review all your motors etc to ensure they are as efficient as they can be.

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Energy efficient electric motors

Electric motors can consume up to 25% of a commercial building's total energy consumption. Energy efficient motors coupled with variable speed drives can save more than 20% of motor running costs.

Variable speed drive

Variable speed drives match motor load to the application and tune motor speeds to run at optimal levels allowing power factor to be improved and saving you money. Also available are variable speed drives with an energy optimising mode. They automatically increase the motor torque to the application without changing the speed. Electro Systems preferred variable speed drives have a 'torque limit' feature which controls power consumption and limits overload currents.

Energy optimising soft starters

Energy optimising soft starters are the ideal solution for soft starting single phase compressors and motors. Energy consumption at light loads is reduced, motor winding and case temperatures are lowered, motor life is extended, noise levels are reduced and power factor is also improved. Any industry constantly running equipment such as pumps, air compressors, refrigeration, fans and blowers would benefit. With equipment running 24 hours a day, even small savings gained over a 12 month period can add up to big savings.

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