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Electro Systems are industrial and commercial lighting specialists. Our master electrical team can design and install the most efficient lighting solution for your office, workshop, factory or warehouse, whether you're upgrading the existing lights or installing new lighting systems.

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Electro Systems' Electricians are experts at energy efficient lighting for businesses. We can design a complete lighting solution for your workplace.

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Energy efficient lighting for businesses

There is a range of energy efficient lighting options for any workplace from small LED downlights to high-bay lighting and large floodlights. Installing an energy saving lighting system will save your business time and money.

Low energy lighting benefits include:

  • Use approximately 20-50% of the power previously used
  • Substantial ongoing savings over the life of the lamps and fittings with total lifetime savings from 62% to 71%
  • Payback period of fewer than 2 years in most cases
  • Substantial increases in longevity
  • Savings in maintenance time and replacement costs
  • Produce a fraction of the heat emissions
  • Better quality lighting with instantaneous restarts
  • They provide a much safer lighting option

Lighting audit

As mentioned above, reviewing your lighting set up and systems can provide significant reductions in your businesses energy expenses, but carrying out a complete lighting audit can also offer a potential productivity increase as well. Studies have shown that lighting levels in a workspace can affect the efficiency of staff output. Our team can advise on the best lighting systems to provide your employees with the most effective work environment.

Further options for saving money on lighting include:

  • Lamp conversions
  • Fluorescent lamp replacements and upgrades
  • Lighting control systems (lamp dimming and motion sensors)

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For all your businesses lighting needs contact the commercial and industrial lighting specialists at Electro Systems on 3881 0956 or complete our booking request form today.

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Electro Systems are Industrial, Commercial and Residential electrical contractors located at Brendale in the northern suburbs of Brisbane. The company was incorporated in 1990 and has been operating since 1981. Electro Systems provide specialist electrical, PLC, and instrumentation systems in addition to general industrial, electrical installation, and maintenance.

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