How do I test my home's smoke alarm?

The increased risk of fires during winter means we need to be extra vigilant in our home fire safety practices and fully the utilise the protection systems already on hand, such as your home's smoke alarms...

Keep your home safe with our pre-winter electrical appliance safety check

This time of year Brisbane residents dust off their heaters and dig out the electric blankets in readiness of the cold weather beginning, hoping to ward against the winter chill. But before you crank up the thermostat take a moment to check all off your winter appliances for wear and tear or damage which may have occurred during storage or gone unnoticed at the end of last winter...

Heat your home for less this winter using reverse cycle air conditioning

Winter is coming to Brisbane. Last year it was on a Thursday. We joke about winter in Queensland because compared to the southern half of Australia, we get off fairly lightly. With winter temperatures cruising comfortably between 11°C and 21°C residents of the city enjoy very mild chill during the cold season. That's not to say that we don't need some extra warmth every now and then. After a few years, many Queenslanders acclimatise to the weather and the heaters get fired up on those cold winter evenings...

When do I need to test and tag?

Every workplace needs to test and tag to protect employees, contractors, customers and the general public from electrical accidents. All electrical equipment and safety switches throughout every industry including volunteer organisations and businesses, including community centres, hotels, construction sites, offices, factories, amusement hire...

What the new QLD smoke alarm legislation means for your home

Earlier this year Queensland's updated smoke alarm legislation came into effect mandating that homes throughout the state be fitted with interconnected photoelectric alarms to ensure the earliest possible warning for all residents in the event of a fire. ..

Geckos invading your homes electrical systems can be disastrous

They're cute and they help to keep the insect count down around your home, but little geckos can also be the cause of big problems if they get into places they shouldn't be, like your home's electrical systems. ..

Are the power points in your home suffering from overload?

Did you know it takes more power to run your hair dryer than it does to run the fridge? Obviously, unless you're a hairdresser most people only use their hairdryer for short periods of time each day so the costs of running the appliances are vastly different. But from an energy used point of view, a small hairdryer needs more juice for a blow dry than a family sized fridge does to keep the milk cold. ..

Safety Switches, Surge Diverters and Circuit Breakers. What's the difference ?

Safety switches are often confused with surge diverters and circuit breakers. It is important to understand the differences between these devices. ..

Uninvited Guests Cause Havoc

Angela, our Senior Electrician was called to a job with an emulsion pump out of order. The pump had been used the previous day and there had been rain over the last few days. The pump controls and variable speed drive were fitted inside a weatherproof enclosure which was mounted outdoors. All wiring ran inside through properly sealed ducts and there was no obvious reason why the unit should stop working. An initial inspection by Angela showed the variable speed drive had failed so she disconnected and removed it for replacement. A cursory inspection inside the drive revealed the cause of the failure …

USB Power Points

Chances are that nearly every device you rely on daily in your life charges from USB. Phone, tablet, smartwatch, fitness bands, cameras, and GPS units. So why don’t we have these built into our power points yet ? Well, the great news is they are here. ..


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