When do I need to test and tag?

Every workplace needs to test and tag to protect employees, contractors, customers and the general public from electrical accidents. All electrical equipment and safety switches throughout every industry including volunteer organisations and businesses, including community centres, hotels, construction sites, offices, factories, amusement hire.

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How often do testing and tagging need to be done?

The frequency of testing and tagging varies depending on the type of work being carried out in your workplace and the environment it's being done in. For instance, a laptop being used in a clean, dry office will need testing less often than one which is used on a construction site every day.

A general guide to the minimum requirement for electrical equipment used in the following industries or environments are:

  • every 3 months - building, construction, and demolition
  • every 6 months - if the equipment is not double insulated in factories, warehouses, manufacturing and amusement work
  • every 12 months - if the equipment is double insulated in factories, warehouses, manufacturing and amusement work
  • every 12 months - service industry
  • every 5 years - office environment

Industries such as amusement, rural, and construction can necessitate a more frequent testing schedule check with the legislation for specific requirements. Each workplace's individual OH&S reviews can also increase or decrease the test and tag recurrence.

Please note - the safety switch and RCD test and tag frequency is different from the electrical equipment requirements. Speak to your commercial electrician for individual industry advice.

Test and tag requirements

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