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Electro Systems can help with all your electrical testing services to ensure that you comply with all the relevant electrical safety regulations for your industry. Our electricians offer a range of services including testing and tagging as well as structured testing of all your electrical circuits and equipment.

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Electro Systems are specialists in industrial and commercial electrical services. We can carry out all your electrical testing services, including test and tag.

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Electrical safety testing services

Keeping your business electrically safe is our priority. We cover all the electrical safety testing you might need encompassing:

  • test and tag of portable tools and appliances
  • earth leakage and RCD testing of generators for construction sites, factories, and shops
  • testing of exit and emergency lighting
  • safety switch  or RCD testing
  • electrical overheating issues with thermal imaging

Testing and tagging requirements

The frequency of periodic testing and tagging to comply with Australian standards varies depending on your type of work, the risks associated with that work, and the equipment used in your business. Speak to our team about setting up a routine testing schedule ideal for your needs.

Regular safety inspections, as well as the testing and tagging of your electrical equipment, protects staff, contractors and customers from electrical accidents due to faulty or unsafe appliances or tools.

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Our team of licenced master electricians can take care of all the electrical safety testing and routine electrical inspection requirements in your business. Book a test and tag service or safety inspection with Electro Systems on 3881 0956 or complete our service request form today.

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Electro Systems are Industrial and Commercial electrical contractors located at Brendale in the northern suburbs of Brisbane. The company was incorporated in 1990 and has been operating since 1981. Electro Systems provide specialist electrical, PLC, and instrumentation systems in addition to general industrial, electrical installation, and maintenance.

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