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Routine testing of the RCDs fitted to circuits or equipment around your property or workplace is essential to ensure the electrical safety devices are working correctly and protecting everyone including staff and contractors from electrical accidents. Electro Systems commercial and residential electricians can carry out regular testing of existing residual current devices as well as the installation of new RCDs.

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What is a residual current device?

A residual current device (sometimes referred to as an electrical safety switch) is fitted to an electrical circuit or integrated into a power point or portable unit. The device is designed to quickly switch off the electricity supply when harmful levels of electrical leakage are detected protecting workers, staff, residents and the public from injuries or death from electric shock.

Why test an RCD?

The testing of RCDs in the workplace can be carried out by a licenced electrician or competent person. Regular testing ensures:

  • the device moves freely
  • the switch hasn't become clogged with dust or debris
  • it activates in the required time to protect from shock
  • it resets when turned back on.

Installation and use

Each industry or workplace will have different requirements for the installation and use of residual current devices. Speak to our experienced commercial and residential electricians for the relevant standards for your work situation.

Commercial electrical services in Brisbane

For professional RCD installation and testing throughout Brisbane and surrounding suburbs contact Electro Systems on 3881 0956 or complete our short service request form today.

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