Electrical Surge Protection

Install surge protection in your business

Power surges can potentially wreak havoc on your electrical, electronic and computerised equipment costing businesses thousands of dollars in costly equipment and infrastructure repairs and replacements. Computers, programmable controllers, CNC and other intricate industrial systems can be at risk. In addition, security systems, telephone, and data systems can often be affected.

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Electro Systems Master Electricians specialise in commercial and industrial electrical work. We can help with all your surge protection requirements, including surge arresters and more.

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Why you need it?

Most power surges are internally generated by the switching on and off of electrical loads such as lights, heating systems, motors and operation of laser printers and photocopiers etc. It is estimated 70 – 85% of all transients are generated internally within one’s own facility. Surges can occur in several different ways :

  • Switching power equipment and controls within or adjoining the business
  • Supply authority switching or clearing faults on transmission lines and utility substations
  • Indirect lightning strikes from hundreds of metres away can induce large damaging transients even to underground cables
  • Switching off power factor correction devices

Resulting damage costs with no surge protection

Damage from a surge or transient event can be substantial causing any of the following costs:

  • Equipment repair/replacement costs
  • Data recovery costs
  • Lost productivity costs due to downtime whilst equipment is repaired or replaced
  • Lost commercial opportunities with cancelled orders or dissatisfied clients
  • Data recovery and backup

Occupational health and safety issues

Uncontrolled surges and transients create danger in terms of occupational health and safety. Personnel may be placed at undue risk through the possible failure of safety systems.

Risk analysis and cost justification

Determine your need for facility surge protection by answering the following questions:

  • What is the risk to personnel?
  • What is the risk of equipment damage?
  • What are the consequences of equipment failure?
  • Is the equipment associated with an essential service?
  • How will equipment failure affect overall facility operation and revenue generation?
  • What are the legal implications of providing inadequate protection?

Given the wide range of transient sources and the potential cost of disruption, the initial installed cost of surge protection can readily be justified for any facility. As a guide, the cost of protection should be approximately 10% of the cost of the facility’s economic risk.

Electro Systems surge protection services

We offer innovative solutions to improve the safety and reliability of our clients’ operations. Our team of commercial electrical specialists are qualified electrical fitter/mechanics and electrical engineers. Our services include:

  • Design and supply of surge protection systems
  • Battery backup and UPS’s
  • Earthing systems and connections for surge protection
  • Fixing and fastening for data and electrical equipment

Our commercial electrical services also include:

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