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Grid Connected PV Solar Systems

Electro Systems offers a range of commercial solar power systems for businesses large and small. Our industrial electrical team can provide specialist advice on the best system for your requirements, plus cater for future business needs as well.

How much can solar save you?

Electro Systems' electricians are experts at industrial solar. We can complete an assessment of your current and future needs and work out how much solar could save you.

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How does solar work?

Solar power is harnessed through PV (Photovoltaic) panels which are most typically mounted on rooftops. The sun’s energy is absorbed into these panels throughout the day and is used to offset power consumption at the time or returned to the grid. The power returned to the grid is sold back to the electricity companies via a feed-in tariff.

Offset business power costs

Offset your business power costs by installing commercial solar generation equipment.

Electro Systems will source all available relevant Government rebates for your solution. We factor these rebates into our solar quote to reduce purchase and installation costs as much as possible. Making solar power more affordable for your business.

CEC Solar Accredited

Electro Systems is a Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer.

Commercial solar power services

Electro Systems can provide your business with an onsite assessment to calculate savings on tariff charges.

A payback figure is determined to show how quickly the savings you generate from your new solar installation will pay for your investment, and will also highlight your ongoing savings.

Industrial electrical services Brisbane

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