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Create a comfortable climate controlled environment in your home with an energy efficient split system air conditioner. Our team offers air conditioner services throughout Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, including the supply and installation of new split system units and routine servicing of existing systems.

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Contact the Electro Systems air conditioning team for a new, energy-efficient air conditioner for your home.

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Advantages of split system air conditioners

Split system air conditioners allow you to cater for a range of cooling and heating requirements without wasting valuable energy around your home. Customise the air conditioner size to the room to maximise effectiveness and reduce power consumption.

Split system air conditioners offer:

  • a huge range of energy efficient models - 5 to 7-star models available
  • reverse cycle (cooling and heating) or cool only options
  • whisper quiet operation
  • advanced air filtering systems to remove allergens, bacteria, mould spores, and dust from the air
  • deodorisation filters - to remove bad odours
  • humidification or dehumidifying options
  • Peak Smart capabilities - to reduce peak demand on the electricity grid
  • a range of timer options
  • DC-only models - for reduced power consumption
  • the heating and cooling of your home with one appliance
  • wall mounted and floor standing models available
  • WiFi control
  • a huge size selection - from small room 2.5kW models to a large room or open plan area 80kW system.

Our electrical team offers the installation and servicing of a range of leading air conditioner brands.

New air conditioner installations and upgrades

Adding an air conditioner to your home need not be a huge undertaking. Our team can take care of the supply, as well as all aspects of the installation for your new split system air con system. Air conditioning installation


Regular air conditioning servicing ensures your system remains reliable all year round and reduces incidences of breakdowns and repairs. Routine servicing also maintains the efficient operation of your air con, meaning it doesn't have to work as hard to cool or heat your home, and as a result, uses less energy.

Professional air conditioning services

Don't suffer another steaming hot summer or freezing cold winter in your Brisbane or Sunshine Coast home, contact the experienced team at Electro Systems on 3881 0956 or complete our quick quote request form today.

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